The Best Source: Velocity Commercial Capital

August 17, 2016
Since he overall mission of Velocity Commercial Capital is to make every broker’s life easier by giving them exactly what their clients need to get the funding they need to meet their investment dreams, they are a great partner to have in almost any situation..

Because they have the ability to do things that traditional banks and other mortgage lenders simply cannot, given their legal, they can offer programs others can’t and then they can tailor each program to the client’s specific needs. For example, their “No Income Verification” program allows for loans to be approved without reference to tax returns or income statements. That program has been so successful, it has transformed turning Velocity Mortgage Capital into one of the leading commercial lenders
in the nation, with a portfolio that close to $1 billion per year.

They have innovated ever since their founding in 2004. In the last decade-plus, Velocity Mortgage Capital has provided brokers with a variety of new and exciting mortgage programs that are designed to assist clients reach their ambitious goal of owning investment, residential, and commercial properties. As a direct, wholesale lender, Velocity Commercial Capital has operated from the notion that no broker's clients should face too many obstacles in their path to funding their projects or acquiring commercial property.

Velocity is a Par lender, not a hard money lender, which means they have many options available, including many that can fit just about any investor's needs. All loans are 30 years fully amortized with the option of either a ‘3 Year Fixed’ or ‘8 Year Fixed’. They charge no origination fees, although the brokers themselves may charge a fee. However, whether someone is a relatively new broker or a highly experienced one, Velocity Mortgage Capital can be a great partner to have when a client needs funding.

Velocity Mortgage Capital is Your Solution

April 20, 2016
When your clients cannot qualify for a loan with a traditional bank, what do you do? The solution to your problem is Velocity Mortgage Capital. From its founding, Velocity Mortgage Capital has successfully designed products using a blend of common sense underwriting and easy to understand loan processing. The final product they created has led to over $1 billion dollars in portfolio lending in 2015 alone. Velocity Mortgage Capital has clearly figured out how to get loans funded with a portfolio reported to be leveraged at 62%, carries a WAC of north of 8%, with a weighted mid score of 700+. The portfolio’s performance tells the whole story with its very low delinquency rate. Whether you are a newcomer to the mortgage industry, or a broker with decades of experience, Velocity Mortgage Capital is a mortgage resource not to be ignored.